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Sales is oxygen.

CoFound is an early stage venture firm helping founders build a repeatable sales motion.

About Us

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build sustainable high growth businesses.

We are a group of engineers and sales nerds that have helped 500+ companies scale sales. Once we invest, we help founders formalize their sales strategy, source early customers, and provide them resources for accelerating revenue growth.

Our Team

Jordan Wan (General Partner) leads investments with the help of Evan Darr (Senior Advisor). Dan Zhou (Operating Partner) handles tech diligence and operations. Alexandra Adamson (Venture Partner) helps CoFound companies get out of the gates. 

Our Focus

We invest in pre-seed and seed stage B2B startups (enterprise SaaS, marketplaces, tech-enabled services, etc.). We do not lead rounds but are often one of the first checks.

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Our Investments


B2B Slack Group

Our private Slack group is designed as an asynchronous channel for B2B founders to network, share knowledge, and support each other (ex. share investor contacts, customer intros, etc.)

While we are supportive of all entrepreneurs, we focus on B2B topics and challenges that come with venture-scale growth. As such, this community is exclusively for commercial founders who have raised venture funding (ie. no independent consultants and lifestyle entrepreneurs).

First Sales Hire

Are you a top performing B2B salesperson that craves autonomy and want a seat at the table?

Many successful sales leaders catalyzed their career by joining an early stage startup as a renaissance sales person. CoFound provides mentorship to individuals who have the desire to take the reins and accelerate their career path.

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