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Sales is oxygen.

CoFound is an early stage venture fund helping founders build a repeatable sales motion.

About Us

CoFound is a GTM-focused venture fund led by Jordan Wan. Prior to CoFound, Jordan cofounded CloserIQ– the industry leading sales recruiting and advisory firm that has scaled 500+ startups.

CoFound is backed by a community of limited partners including serial entrepreneurs, growth stage investors and innovative family offices. Once we invest, we help founders accelerate GTM, source early customers, and recruit mission critical talent.

We make ~12 investments a year as early as possible but typically at the seed stage. We look for exceptional founders with a clear vision, founder-market-fit, and differentiation via technology.

We invest broadly in the future of business innovation (B2B and B2C2B) with a core focus on enterprise software, healthcare, and fintech.

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Founder Testimonials

B2B Community

Our Slack group of 100+ B2B founders provides an opportunity for founders to network, share knowledge and support each other. 

First Sales Hire

Are you a top performing B2B sales professional with a track record of success? Catalyze your career by joining an early stage startup as a founding sales hire. Register to hear about unique opportunities.

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