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Sales is oxygen.

CoFound is a first check venture fund helping founders build a repeatable sales motion.

CoFound is a first check venture fund led by Jordan Wan. Jordan also runs CloserIQ, the world’s largest tech sales and engineering recruiting and executive search firm. Over the past decade, Jordan has advised leading venture capital firms and founders on early stage GTM. He has helped scale 800+ startups including Trello, Oscar Insurance, Justworks, Algolia, and Riskified.

Every year, we make 5-7 high conviction investments as early as possible. Once we invest, we help founders close early design customers and recruit mission critical talent leveraging our vast network. 

We invest in founders with deep industry expertise in underserved markets. Our primary focus is B2B software across industry verticals like healthcare, supply chain, climate, and enterprise SaaS.

We love learning about new, unsexy markets so feel free to email us:

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